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Locally Owned and Operated Deep House Cleaning Services in Florida

We are an experienced and trained cleaning company offering residential and commercial customers routine and deep cleaning services in Central Florida, and especially Volusia County. 

Our staff is well trained to combat and defeat stains on wood, marble, metal, glass and textiles.


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We now offer organizational help. Have a pantry or closet that is stuffed full of stuff? Have you tried and tried to straighten it up and nothing seems to work? Let Daisy Maid help you. We can structure the rates based on what you need. For example, to reorganize your average size kitchen (cabinets, drawers, Pantry, closet), we offer a flat rate of $325, which includes consultation, wiping down shelves, organizing, and 8 organizing bins; or 1 average size closet 3 ft. wide with 18 in shelves, $100 flat rate, which includes consultation, organizing, wiping down shelves, 2 organizing bins; or walk-in food pantry, flat rate of $175, which includes consultation, organizing, wiping down shelves, 4 organizing bins.

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Your Security is Our Priority

All our expert cleaners and maids go through rigorous background and criminal checks before hiring. This is followed by an intensive training program if they succeed in the hiring process. This ensures they know how to care for your valuable furniture and belongings. You’re in good hands with our safety and security programs. We also offer the best maid cleaning services.

You Decide How We Access Your
Cleaning Areas

For your security and peace of mind, we leave it to you to decide our accessibility to the cleaning areas. You may choose to give us a key which will be securely stored by the Daisy Maid owner.

The key will only be provided to our cleaning team with their assignments and vehicles in the morning, and is safely returned to the office at the end of the day. You can also choose to meet our cleaning team to allow access to your property. For this we offer morning (9am – 12noon) and afternoon (1pm – 4pm) cleaning service windows.


Easy Payment Process

We accept checks and most major credit and debit cards. We will not process any payment until the service you have requested has been completed.


Easily Rescheduled

You can easily reschedule your cleaning time. Just call or email our office at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled cleaning appointment.


Daisy Maid Damage
Contingency Policy

Our Daisy Maid teams are professional, careful and respectful of your belongings and spaces. If any damage or breakage does occur due to any of our team members while cleaning, we take our responsibility seriously. Daisy Maid will make every effort to repair or replace the item.

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